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If you're a member of the Writerverse Discord server, you'll know this already, but my partner and I finally received our building permit from our local county — which means we're free to start building on our property as soon as we're able!

This has been such an incredibly long time coming. We purchased this property back in 2020 with the intention to start building immediately, but ended up shifting gears and traveling all over the west coast instead. Now, three years and a lot of out-of-pocket funding later, we are finally sitting on our little patch of dirt in the high desert and preparing to build.

Seeing as we've spent the last three years living in an RV, it should go without saying that we truly are fans of tiny-house living. Living minimally has fundamentally changed not only who I am as a person, but how I assign value to material objects in my life. Everything I own serves a distinct and specific purpose (with the only exception being my collection of mugs, which all serve the same purpose, but I can't bring myself to cut back on).

All of this is just to say that the house we'll be building on our property will be what most will say is a tiny house — but to us, after RV living, will feel like a mansion. The structure itself will be around 800 square feet. Single story. We're shooting for the minimal and modern look of a single-slope rooftop, big windows, and cedar accent walls.

We have an insane (truly) amount of work ahead of us, but I'm excited about this journey and new adventure. And I'm especially excited to add new knowledge to my arsenal. I've learned so much throughout my RV-living adventures — like towing an RV and what it really means to not only live minimally, but self-sustainably and off-grid — and it'll be a treat to learn about the ins and outs of construction. That being said, my partner and I aren't doing all of this on our own. We will have help. But this is going to largely be an independent venture, and we're hell-bent on avoiding debt at all costs, so the process is bound to take some time.

For now, though, I'm perfectly content. I love living in an RV. I'm not in any rush to move into a traditionally-sized home. I've got my cubby office, am only 45 minutes away from my family and one of my favorite places on earth, and am excited to escape the plight of super snowy winters and frozen nights. We're right in the middle, where we are, and get the best of both worlds: a longer fall season that lasts months instead of weeks, with occasional snowfall, and sun-bright summers.

Here's to a new adventure! 🥂

Check out my very first MINI-VLOG, which includes snippets of my summer, moving day, and our celebratory dinner at one of our favorite wineries, in its new location: my Patreon shop, where every tier gains access for free!

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