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After working as Chief Editor for a micro-publisher in Los Angeles for several years, Anna decided to try something new and start her own editing company. Today, she is the Founder and Chief Editor for Moonlit Midnight Publishingas well as in-house developmental specialist for Utopia Editing & Ghostwriting, and Editor for a reputable independent publishing platform.

Writerverse Editing Services offers a hands-on, integrated approach to editing, allowing for a more collaborative relationship between author and editor that is based on the traditional publishing experience. 


Yes, we're your editors. But we're also your biggest advocates. If you're struggling with plot-holes, a mushy middle, or an overall lackluster plot in need of refining, we're here to help you work through it with early-morning conference calls, late-night emails, and in-person coffee dates (if you're in the area!). 

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