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Coming Soon: Moonwalker

Releasing a third tier on Patreon has been a subject of debate for the last two or three years for me (easily). The goal for the Writerverse has always been to be what I've long wanted out of a writing-related community—resources and templates; a community of trusted writers of all walks of life; and ultimately, the hand-holding necessary to get my book from rough draft to polished published title.

From my perspective, the Writerverse has the first two bases covered. The Patrons Lounge is always cycling in new templates, resources, and blog posts. The Writerverse Discord offers a safe space to make new writer friends, and is one of the most tight-knit critique groups that I have ever been a part of. But what about the final leg of the publishing journey? What about taking a draft to a polished published title?

Hence the Writerverse's newest tier, Moonwalker. This tier comes with a built-in manuscript assessment to help gauge where it stands in the editing process. Would it benefit more from a full-blown developmental edit, or does it only require an editorial review? What about copy editing or line editing? Proofreading?

The whole editing process can be so mystifying (and expensive), and navigating that process without any knowledge on where to begin can be costly. This tier is intended to provide you with one-on-one support as you proceed through this multi-stage process. A big part of this tier is guiding you to the right editor for your project—but if we decide to work together, know that this tier will unlock priority booking on my editorial calendar. Not only does this mean you'll skip past my six-month wait list, but you'll also receive a 10% discount on all editing services.

The tier will include guidance on identifying where your story stands in the vast morass of the publishing industry. What are the age category and genre expectations for your book? What are readers' specific expectations? How should you best market your story? You'll also unlock a host of templates and checklists for the post-drafting and publication process.

With all of that being said: Moonwalker isn't a long-term pledge. This tier serves the purpose of supporting you during the editing process. You'll not only gain access to my insights as an editor, but to additional templates, checklists, and other resources to help refine what can be a tumultuous part of the publishing journey.

I am giving Moonwalker a little while longer to mature and grow before officially launching it this fall/winter—which means that if you're interested in pledging to this tier, now is likely a great time to submit any requests you have for this tier in terms of benefits. If you're on the cusp of finishing your manuscript and aren't sure where to go now, what information hold the most value for you? What sort of templates or insights would benefit you most?

You're free to share your ideas by commenting below, sending me a private message, or by submitting them to the Patrons Request Box in the Patrons Lounge.

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