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Fall 2023

It's the first of September. Where I'm from, this is the month during which summer is eclipsed by fall—and while autumn is beguiling and hypnotic by nature, I always find myself greeting it with mixed emotions. Usually, those mixed emotions are directly related to the fact that my favorite season is summer and I'm always sad to see it go.

This year, those mixed feelings are rooted to something else. This summer was the first I was able to spend "at home" in nearly five years. The homecoming felt enriching in ways nothing else could endeavor to be. It was healing and inspiring. I've spent hours drenched in sunlight while forest-bathing amongst my favorite trees, and have smelled the sweet vanilla-amber of the ponderosas. I've been awoken by my favorite morning doves, fallen asleep to my favorite dulcet cricketsong every night. And after spending years walking around with a part missing, that part has been clicked back into place, and I feel whole again.

This summer was bigger and better for reasons that didn't have much to do with returning to my favorite place on earth, though. This year marked a full circle, a sense of completion—like a sigh heaved after holding a very, very long breath. This year, I finally felt safe again. That all came to life upon returning to Arizona. That all came to life this summer. And like a tripwire, that sense of safety opened the floodgates of creativity within me—of fulfillment and joy and thrill and imagination. My creative well is filled to the point of casting off waves of overflow. I've taken that overflow this summer, and I've planted seeds for the fall and winter. And even seeds that won't grow for a year or two.

That's why, I suppose, September is especially bittersweet. While I'm sad to see summer yet again usurped by the multi-colored grip of fall, I'm excited to see the seeds I've planted start to take root and sprout and flourish.

That all begins with a brand new tier I'm introducing to Patreon: MOONWALKER. I've spent an incredible amount of time and enthusiasm into this tier, and I truly think it's going to click right into the empty space on my page. While I know a few of you are here in the Writerverse to support me and my publishing endeavors (which I love you for), even more of you are here to equip yourself with tools necessary to get a leg-up in the extensive writing, editing, and publishing process. It's one thing to draft a full manuscript—and it's another to find yourself walking into the purgatory that sits between "finished manuscript" and "fully-edited, ready-to-publish manuscript." And as an editor, it's my job to guide my clients through this opaque and enigmatic realm, through to the other side of "published book."

But not everybody can afford to hire an editor. And even if they can afford an editor, not very many people know what sort of editor to hire in the first place: is a developmental editor the best choice, or a copy or line editor? What's the difference?

MOONWALKER is intended to fill that void. I'm so excited about it for that reason, but I shall resist the urge to harp on and on about it when I've already got a separate blog post talking all about it.

For now, let's get back to my next Fall 2023 seed I'm stoked to sprout: the next generation of THE WRITERVERSE PREPTOBER WORKBOOK. This is such a huge passion project of mine—and even if nobody ever used it as a writing-related resource, I'd find myself compiling it year after year, just for myself, with all of my updated insights on craft and publishing (which is not only constantly evolving, but sometimes weirdly easy to forget if I don't write it all down and compile it in one space). This year's WRITERVERSE PREPTOBER WORKBOOK is going to be more customizable than ever before, with mix-and-match options to accommodating your specific drafting process. Pantser? Plenty of choices. Plotter? Plenty of choices. A bit of both? Got you covered.

Last year's Expansion Packs took a lot more time and energy to complete than I ever thought they would—which is a good thing, honestly, because that means they're jam-packed with a ton of detailed insight—which meant that by the time I'd finished with them, we were already drifting midway through 2023. Thus, it just felt more appropriate to drop them alongside the next generation of THE WRITERVERSE PREPTOBER WORKBOOK. So! You'll be seeing those as well this year, which I'm incredibly excited about.

The next big seed waiting to sprout this fall is the official completion of A DARK SKY OPENS, which has felt like the book of my heart and soul. I have divested literally thousands of hours of my life into telling this story the way I feel it deserves to be told, and I can't fucking wait to publish it in 2024. I've also been secretly (sort of, but not really) also working on a completely different Adult Fantasy series. For the first time in a long time, I can finally get really excited about publishing-related achievements, and it's just a great place to be.

Last but not least, there's another big announcement coming Fall 2023, but I'm not ready to announce it just yet. It needs just a little more time before it's fully baked (and for god's sake, that makes it sound like I'm pregnant when I'm definitely not—I promise this isn't me teasing a personal achievement, but a professional one). So, stay tuned for more on what I'm calling my Top Secret Project! I imagine it'll be ready sometime in the middle of fall, but my goal for this isn't to rush it and to enjoy the process of getting it ready for public consumption.

Anyway! That's all I've got for you today, friends. What are your goals for this fall? <3

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