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Prioritizing My Health

There's nothing quite like a health scare that'll throw you straight into a completely different headspace and lifestyle. I can now testify to this personally. In many ways, I'm grateful for the permission to prioritize my health. (Go ahead and read that last line again.)

It's wild that we've been conditioned into believing our health isn't worth taking seriously if it isn't threatened by something significant. I could go deeper into that issue, but I'll resist and instead focus on the point: It only felt right dropping an honest blog post like this alongside my post all about my goals for this fall.

This is in part because I want to emphasize that there is rarely a season of life during which everything is splendid and effortless, and in part because I predict this will influence the way I approach a lot of the projects I've got launching this fall. At the beginning, middle, and end of each day, my priority now is getting and staying as healthy as possible through a slew of different (and better) lifestyle choices. And I've only just begun this journey, so I can't predict exactly how it'll unfold, but it felt important to bring you all in the loop, just on the off chance that I've got to hunker down every now and again. I'm still figuring out exactly what is wrong, but when I do, I'll be less cloak-and-dagger about what's going on, I promise! Ha. (It's not as bad as you're probably thinking, I swear.)

That being said, I don't foresee "hunkering down" happening any time soon, and I'm still so excited about everything that's coming up! Just wanted to keep you all in the loop on what my day-to-day is like, and getting healthy is a significant portion of that. <3

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