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Patreon Rebranding

A few months ago, I received an email from Patreon notifying me that they were launching a new version of their Creator Pages that featured a different design. The official date for all of this to go live was June 30, 2023.

Intrigued by these changes, I referenced my own Creator Page and realized just how boring and lifeless it all felt. Patreon has always been an interesting platform, in that I have never felt very worthy of being here, but have so enjoyed the way it facilitates the delivery of exclusive content creation and community. The Writerverse has served as my "safe space" for all of my writing-related highs and lows for four spectacular years now. Throughout those years, I have had the incredible privilege of experimenting with creating content at my own pace, which is a bone most people aren't ever thrown, and even though I know myself too well to make any sweeping gestures or claims, I can say this: out of every social media platform I've ever been a part of, Patreon has by far been the most fulfilling, and I'm ready to give it more attention.

Again, I know myself too well to make any sweeping public declarations. Instead, my plan is simply to deliver what I can, as soon as I can, in the name of nurturing something that I have come to really cherish. But I figured I would address the rebrand of my page here, while also taking the opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of you for not only being such a support system for me, but for being my friends.

With that being said: If there's anything specifically that you'd like to see more of here (even things that I've featured before but have dropped, such as the WV Podcast), definitely let me know so that I can get a thorough idea as to where to go next! :)

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