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Story Mapping is a service based on the traditional publishing experience.

Traditionally published authors often receive more guidance from their editors from an earlier stage in the writing process, sparing them a lot of time, energy, and a whole lot of revision — all of which can erode an author's confidence and delay the publication of their work. So, why not hire a professional to
hold your hand throughout this process? 

Together, we'll explore the best point of view, tense, designing principle, and purpose behind the story you'd like to write — and once we've got a thorough grasp on the above, we'll discuss industry standards, expectations, and an ideal word count. Then, we'll get to the best part:
Plotting the story together, step by step.

By the time we're finished working together, you'll have a perfectly
mapped-out story, ready for you to write it.
*payment plans available*
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