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The Writerverse Podcast: Season 2

That's right—there's a Season Two of the Writerverse Podcast on the horizon! In the spirit of fresh starts, I've decided to permanently archive and lock all previous podcast episodes, with the exception of a few that can still be found on Patreon (which I'm too lazy to systematically sift through and manually delete).

Going forward, I've got a slew of pre-recorded episodes discussing all things writing, editing, and publishing (traditionally as well as independently) on the way! For those of you who saw the poll on Patreon last week—yes, I'll still be hosting my sister as a guest on the podcast in the very near future, and we plan on discussing what we've done to get out of the "rat race," start working for ourselves, and make time for our creative goals.

Thank you all for your patience as I prepare for this transition! :) And don't forget to consider creating a Clubhouse account. If my experience with my sister goes well next week, I predict I'll be doing a lot more hosting for the podcast! Do you have any suggestions for improvement? If so, drop a comment below.

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