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I'm so grateful for . . .

COVID-19, which taught me to self-soothe. I've learned I don't always need people or places to stimulate my mind. I'm just as happy, just as fulfilled, while I'm alone at home — writing in my favorite spot, with a homemade coffee.

The house fire at the beginning of 2020, which catalyzed my aspirations as a minimalist living in a tiny house. It also seemed oddly cleansing: an appropriate exorcism to purge the bones of my childhood home of a decade's worth of trauma, inviting in a new beginning.

The way an unexpected tragedy brought my sister and I closer together, and the fact that we opted out of being petty or disrespectful. That we didn't showcase or highlight our trauma in the effort of satisfying our egos, and rose above it all instead, embracing the big lessons that only true loss can teach.

My friends. The opportunity to get closer with them all, despite social distancing. For making my safety net all the stronger. For the hours you've spent listening while I spoke, and for the hours you've honored me with your voices and opinions. For the growth you've facilitated in the tumultuous journey that is life.

My Patreon family, which has brought solidarity, commiseration, and comfort in so many very needed ways. For the support. For the confidence. For the company. And even more, for the chance to connect, to become lifelong friends, and for the opportunity to watch all of your writing careers grow and blossom!

And lastly, for 2020's bullshit. Because despite it's overall disagreeable nature, it's taught me all of the above. It's paved the way for growth I never otherwise could've achieved. It's been tough love, but love nonetheless.

What are you grateful for?

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