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Since returning to social media just under two weeks ago, my website visits are up by 263%, my book sales have increased, I've snagged a couple new (five-star!) reviews for When Stars Been Out, and I've had the pleasure of introducing two new Patrons to the family! As much as I detest social media, there's one thing I'll never be able to argue with: it's singlehandedly the best (free) marketing strategy available.

If you've listened to my most recent podcast episode, you'll know I've recently rebranded my author platform. It's been a labor-intensive endeavor that's paid off greatly—at least in terms of self-fulfillment and rediscovering my love of social media. After once again spending way too much time researching Instagram's algorithm, I've learned a couple of important things that felt worthy of sharing:

First off, if you've switched your personal account to a business one, switch it back as soon as humanly possible! The moment I switched my personal Instagram account to a business one, I realized an immediate drop in my engagement. I was averaging around 90 – 100 likes every post prior to switching, but after "upgrading" my account to a business one? I was averaging around 35 – 60 likes per post. Isn't that insane?

So, here's (supposedly) why this is: Instagram recognizes that a personal account following a ton of businesses would produce a feed that feels a bit "spammy." Therefore, the algorithm favors personal accounts, making those posts show up far more frequently on other personal accounts than a business account's posts might. As always, Instagram is extremely private about the ins-and-outs of its algorithm, so this hasn't been officially confirmed, but definitely check it out for yourself. Maybe conduct an experiment . . .

All I know is I've certainly had the same experience as everybody else. I switched my account back to a personal one before launching my rebrand on September 1st, and it's made a hell of a big difference already.

Secondly, according to Instagram algorithm experts, you don't have to post every single day to stay relevant to your followers. Rather, the key is consistency. If you consistently post once a week, you're going to remain on the algorithm. If you post every other day, you're going to stay on the algorithm. If you post every single day, you'll stay on the algorithm (provided you are able to keep up with that fast pace).

Establishing a posting schedule is stupidly important. I've started posting every three days, and so far, that's been working well for me. I would ideally prefer to post less frequently than that but I've found I actually fall behind on things like replying to DMs, engaging with the comments my posts receive, etc. So, every three(ish) days it is!

I do attempt to post something to my Instagram Stories daily, however — even if it's just one single post that's irrelevant to writing. Because that's how Instagram rolls: You've gotta fight for your posts to be seen, as well as your Stories, and they're two different beasts.

But either way, I'll say this: The first (almost) two weeks of being back online has felt strangely refreshing and . . . dare I say, fun? This time, I think I'm here to stay. (Hopefully! Lol.)

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