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Platform Changes

I'm at a loss, folks.

Recently, I learned that Instagram's algorithm no longer favors "picture feeds" and has come to almost exclusively recognize animated graphics and reels (i.e. Instagram's ripoff of TikTok, which I really struggle not to cringe over).

I've had to accept that despite my love for Instagram over the years, I may need to consider a change of platform (though I've got absolutely no idea where else to go, honestly). I am so sick of the abusive, unconditional love that is Instagram's algorithm. If I've got followers, they should see what I post, no? That's all I ask.

I realize this is a rant more than it's a post that's worth reading, but HELP ME. Are any of you aware of alternative platforms? I've noticed a lot of the authors with a bigger online presence and following have scaled way back on Instagram and are focusing on YouTube. (I have both noticed this independently, as well as had a few openly admit to this.)

The hardest part about being an indie author isn't publishing yourself, without the finances of a publishing house and the guidance of experts. No, it's marketing your own work — and finding a way to do so consistently enough to generate a following, and keep it active.

For now, I'll be experimenting with a few new social media apps (perhaps even TikTok, even though it feels like it's for fifteen year olds), and I'll be reporting back here with my anecdotal experiences. In the meantime, if you've got any feedback on social media apps, marketing, and all of the above — let me know!

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