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Planoly Update

Whelp, it's been a month since I started using Planoly to manage my social media posts, and as promised, here's my official stance on the app: I absolutely love it. Not only does it offer a wide range of gorgeous filters, an easy-to-use grid layout, and cross-posting capabilities, but it has succeeded in doing the one thing I didn't think possible.

It's helped me save time. It's sabotaged my proclivity for falling down the "scroll hole" every time I decide to post something on Instagram. It has helped me realign with social media, in that I'm more appreciative of the power of it now and less resentful of the power it once held over my life.

I highly recommend it. The monthly subscription for cross-posting is worth it if you're trying to reach a larger audience to advertise your books, but if you're looking for a way to enforce a healthier relationship with Instagram alone, the free-of-charge tier is just as good. I love the analytics it offers, too, if you're interested in that (which is included in the free version of the membership).

So, if you're interested, definitely check it out!

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