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Achievement Unlocked

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

It's been ten months since I've returned to editing full-time.

I've been editing for over ten years, off and on, and throughout that time, I have had to close my company to new clients. My editorial approach is extremely hands-on and that's always been the way I prefer it—not only because it mirrors the traditional publishing experience, but because it just makes more sense to edit that way.

As of today, I've officially reached that threshold in terms of taking on new clients. And it feels so incredibly fulfilling. I'm not exactly sure what the parameters of this will look like just yet (if truly closing my services off to new clients is the best route, or if perhaps upping my rates will do the work for me), but either way, for the first time in a long time, I feel successful.

But even as I sit here self-congratulating, I can't ignore the whisper in the back of my mind—the one issuing a careful reminder. "You're great at editing. You love editing. But your dream was never to start an editing company and edit full-time."

My dream has always been to be an author—to write full-time—and while I thought working for myself would assist this endeavor, it hasn't. In fact, this is the reason I quit editing full-time back in 2017. I haven't worked on my own manuscript in nearly two months. And while I'm so grateful for Writerverse Editing Services, and the absolute freedom it's brought my way, now is the time to officially reconsider my approach.

I will announce whatever direction I choose to take next week on Instagram (and to those of you who are working with me as an editor, fear not—whatever this announcement will bring will not impact you!) and I'm actually really excited. At this rate, I'll finally be able to return to working on A Dark Sky Opens by August (at the very latest).

Life is such a wild ride.

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