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Moving Again

After spending four months living the small-town, remote-living life, I've come to the sad and surprising conclusion that it just isn't for me.

I'll never be a big city gal. I'm an anti-social, nature-worshiping, crystal-wielding hippie who'd much rather smudge her RV with cedar and huff essential oils than fight through the traffic of a sprawling metropolis.

But it just so turns out that as much as I detest the over-indulgent life of a big city liver, I also am adverse to the butter-churning, livin' off the land, colonial-esque life of existing in a town with one single traffic light.

Indeed, I am a delicate flower with unreasonable expectations. I want all of the perks of a life afforded by big city consumerism *as well as* the private, nature-filled, anti-social existence of a low-populated area. I've loved living a life without the jarring sounds of traffic, of people arguing, of too much energy crammed into too little space—but damn it if I don't miss being able to get groceries without having to drive an HOUR to get to them.

However, there's good news: I live full-time in an RV. My house is on fuckin' wheels. I am free to embrace my nomadic impulses and whims. And that is precisely what I intend to do in not one day, but two. Because what am I if not impulsive and painfully spontaneous?

I won't announce where, exactly, we'll be going, but I will say this: We're getting the hell out of dodge and trying a few new places (that are smack-dab in the middle of big city and small town) on for size. I was really excited about the prospect of (after bouncing around so much over the last three years) finally staying in one spot for a while, but fuck it. Life's too short to feel uncomfortable or unfulfilled by something so easily fixed.

So, stay tuned! The first big leap will be this Sunday. More to come! :)

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