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Updated: Nov 14

Note: This post is for Tier 2 pledges only! ❤️

Okay, I get it: Discord is something I personally avoided for literally years. For some reason, it just didn't strike me as intuitive, and sadly I've got the sort of personality that's defined by its high-aversion tendencies. And it wasn't until my aversion for Facebook overshadowed my aversion for Discord that I finally gave it a try — and guess what?

Everybody was right: Discord is so much better. I use the desktop version most often, but the iPhone app is just as easy to navigate, and using them together has been seamless — even from a moderator's standpoint.

So, if you happen to be one of the new Patrons who've joined the family, but not the Discord server, then this post is for you! And if you still aren't all that interested in joining the server, that's 100% fine. Seriously. No pressure. But it is a ton of fun, and honestly that's where all of the magic of this group takes place, so I'm compelled to at least try to coerce you! 😇

Check out the tutorial below for Discord! If you're interested, I'll make it all the easier for you by linking the Discord app variations right here: iPhone, Android, Desktop.

PS: Apologies for the low resolution in some of the footage used! I had to zoom in.

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