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Most of you are already aware of my exploring new social media platforms — and I think I've found another worthy of trying! This one is called Clubhouse. It's basically going "live" for an audience without the video component of it — and apparently there are a lot of people who feel it's the future of podcasting.

The interesting aspect of Clubhouse, however, is that these "podcasts" aren't saved. They're immediately deleted after the live is concluded. There are options to bring multiple people on "stage," either from the beginning or throughout the live conversation — and overall, it's really chalking up to be an excellent way of connecting with one's readers.

As an author who's averse to the spotlight (being on camera scares me), so to speak, I think this is an excellent platform worthy of exploring — even if just for my Patrons at first, which I suspect it will be.

Are you interested in giving it a try?

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