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2023 goal-setting templates

You're all well aware by now, surely, that I'm obsessed with Notion. It's been a game-changer for me in countless ways. Therefore, kicking the New Year off the right way, for me, has been all about creating the perfect Notion templates conducive to goal-setting and achievement.

I advertised in December that I'd share these Notion templates with Patrons, and that's what I'll be doing! :) Why wait until now to share them? Well, honestly, these templates are all very connected to my personal dashboard — which is a page I won't be sharing publicly. Thus, it took a little extra tweaking to ensure these templates could stand on their own, independent of my dashboard, and work for everybody else. And now, they do! :) IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE PHOTOS TO COME . . .

These are Notion templates that I've created for myself, which I'm now sharing. While almost all of the fields are empty, there are a few that I've left filled with my original content in order to help demonstrate how the page was meant to be used. Obviously, the Notion pages that will be shared soon via Patreon will be empty, and ready for all of your own content! 😄

ALSO NOTE that I've used generic "covers" for each header, rather than my custom-made ones with quotes, which are black-and-white themed. I'll throw a few screenshots of those in last. If you'd like to include my custom-made covers, let me know! I'm happy to send you a link to them on Canva.

Anyway, without further ado, here are a few screenshots of what's to come!

Here's an example of the style of header I've used personally — and again, it's one that I've designed myself on Canva. If you'd like to use my specific covers as headers for your own templates, or even if you'd like to use the same style but insert your own taglines, let me know and I'll send you a link! 😄

How is the new year going for you? Are you using Notion? Let me know in the comments, or find me on Discord. Either way, I hope your 2023 is off to a great start! Cheers to clean slates and new beginnings! 🥂

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