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The Developmental Edit offers an in-depth evaluation of your manuscript's big picture components.

It's hard enough to finish a novel-length manuscript — but it's even harder to execute the effective application of literary and plot devices, to establish the cadence of a well-oiled plot structure, and to maintain the objectivity necessary to assess your story for exactly what it is.

Have you ever heard of deus ex machina, whataboutism, empty progressivism, or other unfortunate tropes, such as one-note characters? What about more popular tropes you'd like to master, such as enemies to lovers, found family, or the redeemed villain? 

The good news is you don't have to know any of this. We've got you covered!
The Developmental Edit applies a metaphorical magnifying glass to your story. Together, we'll work through multiple read-throughs, in-text adjustments, and Track Changes to guide your story toward its fullest potential. You will also receive a 10 to 50 page Edit Letter discussing where your story stands in relation to the following: 
ANNA VERA (26).png
This Developmental Editing Package includes a preliminary read-through to determine whether or not
this level of editing is appropriate for your manuscript. If you're further ahead than you think you are, 
you will not be charged for the full package.

It is an editor's ethical responsibility to tailor their services according to whatever the manuscript
in question demands. If we determine your manuscript would benefit more from a different
stage in the editing process, you will be informed immediately. 

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*payment plans available*
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