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SERA WALDORF isn't used to discomfort. Before the A-42 swept over the planet like a blight, her life consisted of tight-fitting cocktail dresses, glittering diamonds, juicy gossip, and excited talk of her inheritance.  

But that was ten years ago.

Now, her life is more about staying alive than it is about actually living. 

But her best and only friend, Max Lexim, couldn't disagree with Sera's outlook more. Originally in poverty and running from the law, Maxton really couldn't be more grateful for this strange and terrifying turn of events. 

Eager to show Sera life's still worth living, he begs her to join him in defying their quarantine's law by venturing beyond the safety of its perimeters after dark. If she sees them, maybe she'll feel the same way he does: hopeful

In this spellbinding short story, which takes place in the When Stars Burn Out world, readers are offered a glimpse of exactly how much the A-42 has taken away from native-borns of Earth — and exactly how much it has unexpectedly given back. 

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