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 About Me

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I'm Anna Vera: sci-fi geek extraordinaire, conspiracy theory enthusiast, and shameless believer in all the

stuff nobody else believes in.


(Except for Big Foot. That's where I draw the line.) 


I also happen to be the author of the YA Sci-Fi novel, When Stars Burn Out, and its long-overdue sequel,

A Dark Sky Opens. 

I graduated from college with degrees in Psychology and English Literature, and I'm currently working on a certificate in Editing from the University of Chicago.

When I'm not writing my own books, I'm using my decade's worth of experience in editing to help others write theirs! More info here

I currently live in Northern Arizona with my boyfriend and our puppy, Nala. Follow our adventures, and my writing journey, on my two most-active social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter! Or, if you're really interested in getting to know me more (as well as gaining access to a treasure trove of exclusive content), consider joining my kick-ass Patreon family! 

To learn more about how my writing journey began, check out my interview with WildMind Creative!